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    Top Expert  John Burke is a full time racing analyst, statistician and trends expert.
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    Daily Selections every day there are big priced horses that have a huge statistical advantage.
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    The Betting Insiders Stat Pointers service shares daily analysis with members for long term profit.

If you've followed a tipster who works on hunches and good feelings you'll know that losing runs are standard and confidence comes and goes.

In fact when your average tipster gets on a losing run the confidence goes, the head dips, and losers can be on the cards for weeks on end

Stat Pointer Example

Every month you'll be on big winners like Achille 

The difference with Statistics is that they don’t lie at least not in the hands of an expert analyst!

If a given horse always runs well at today’s track, and has most of her wins are at today’s track then surprise surprise, she probably prefers this track.

There’s something about it that allows her to run her best.

It could be anything…

  • It could be the direction of travel
  • the shape of the bends
  • the feel of the surface under her feet
  • it could be the altitude of this particular course
  • it could be that the smell of the blossom on the trees near the start line put her in a better mood

It Doesn't Matter Why

But it doesn’t matter why she runs better , what matters is that the stats show there is something, a reason why the horse does better at this course and that’s enough for the expert eye to look closer, take note and profit.

Foxy Lady - Won 12/1, You're Call - Won 25/1, Misty Birnam - Won 33/1

Stat Pointers rely on facts and figures and combined they can be relied upon for long term profits

You can learn as you win with a full explanation of every bet we make, or you can just check your email each day, place your bets and manage your bank.

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Thanks for all your hard work in finding these winners" - Tony


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