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Big Priced Selections in Top Grade Races

Because we are finding selections in top grade races the bookies will stand a decent bet!

First Year Proofed Profits

The chart to the left shows the profit to £25 level stakes for 2015 the first year that selections were proofed to members of the Betting School Insiders Club.

The final tally was £11,337.50 to £25 stakes.

All selections were posted in our members forum the evening before racing so members could get their bets on early and grab the prices.

Proofed Profits

But 2015 wasn't a one off!

The chart to the right shows the profit from 2015 through to October 2018.

Over three and a half years of consistent profits all proofed live to Betting Insiders members.

The profit to date to £25 stakes is £45,716!

Every member of our club has access to this selections the evening before racing.

The Method that made all this Profit is Race Profiling

And below you will find an excerpt from a video that explains the process

Have Dr Nick Hardman Find Your Selections For You

As you can see from the proofed profit charts above Dr Nick Hardman's selections are highly profitable. His selections are just one of the bonuses provided to Betting Insiders members

The Betting Insiders Members Report is sent to all members every Friday morning and will include a trends analysis of the big weekend action along with early selections.

You subscription could cost you as little as £24.92 per month.

And all members get access to all of Dr Nick's selections which have produced huge profits and have been proofed to all members. 

Frankly we could just sell Dr Nick's selections for more than that on their own.

This is No One Trick Pony

The Profitable Systems & Strategies Included in Betting Insiders are the Work of a Team of Experts

Steve Carter our Editor in Chief

Steve has relied on his betting skills and knowledge as his main source of income for the past 10+ years.

He specialises in horse racing and football betting & trading and knows what it takes to make a living from betting

David Massey

The Principle of a Private Paddock Watching service, serving wealthy owners.

David shares his winning strategies and horses to follow for the National Hunt summer and winter.

Rory Delargy

Rory is a regular pundit on Will Hill radio & with David Massey one half of the Racing Consultants tipping service.

Rory is famed for his comprehensive guide to making a tissue book to bookmaker standards.

Mark Jenkins - Arber

Can you believe that there are people who make more than £1,000 per week from arbing bookies prices and offers. I was sceptical until Mark let me inspect his accounts. Mark has been a full time arber for over 15 years.

He regularly shares his strategies and experience with Insiders club members.

Dr Nick Hardman

Nick is our big race expert. He produces our race profiles for top class racing that feature in the members report.

And on raceday assess the field and shares the selections that have produced all the profit shown at the top of this page.

Josh Wright

Josh has been a profitable gambler for the past six years and specialises in profiting from trainer habits.

He also profits from horse profiling and pace angles and shares his thoughts and methods with club members.

Join Today and Get These Bonuses

All Betting Insiders members get the members report with systems and strategies for making consistent betting profits.

You will also get all the selections from Dr Nick Hardman.

The selections that have produced the huge profits detailed in the charts above.

Register today and you will also receive the following bonuses.

The American Connection

You’ll get the improved American Connection system.

This is a development of the popular, profitable and simple original American Connection system.

This system exploits horses that are bred for the all weather and who are highly profitable on one particular UK All Weather race course.

It has produced profit for 1,000's of readers since it was first created in 2012.

Race Classifications & How To Profit From Them

You’ll also get Race Classifications 
and How To Profit From Them

Do you understand the UK Race Classifications?

More importantly do you know which trainers target and profit from which class of race

This report will show you where the profit is.

The MIT system

A lot of very successful tipping services base their selection process around price discrepancies and price movements.

Early smart money does talk and those that listen can make strong profits.

Learn how the experts do it and do it yourself with our Market Information Technique guide.

Dobbing For Profit

And the Dobbing for Profit trading method

Dobbing is the art of finding horses that will shorten their odds in running and locking in profits by trading those movements

This guide outlines our process for making money Dobbing on all codes of UK horse racing.

The Dosage Method

We are lucky enough to have on our team probably the number 1 Dosage Index expert in the UK.

The Dosage Index is a rating that is derived from the lineage of a horse and is an accurate indicator of the race preferences of a particular horse.

This guide shows you how you can use this powerful winner finding method to find value bets

Betting on Football for Profit

Then for football we have the Betting on Football for Profit report

Learn the Football Months method.

How important is the first goal and how to profit from it.

How to profit from the myths around new Manager influence

Betting on Tennis for Profit

And for Tennis you’ll get the Betting on Tennis for Profit report

Learn how to profit from outright tournament betting and correct score betting.

And how to trade tennis matches for profit.

Join on Our Annual Plan for the Best Price and Extra Bonuses

When you join on our annual plan you not only get this comprehensive service at the best price possible.

But you also get access to a full year of back issues which includes all the reports already published in the past year.

With this bonus you will quickly get up to speed and at the same time have an instant library of profitable systems and strategies.

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