Could it Really Be Possible?

That you can Learn How to Bet and Win Like a Pro
While Making Over £500 per Month

If you entered adult life in the 80′s like I did you will know how great apprenticeships were. You got paid while you learned a trade!

Today I want to introduce you to the Pro Bettor Apprenticeship, where you can learn how to make regular profits from betting and at the same time have daily access to selections that will win you steady profits.

Back in the day when I had a real job it was my dream to have a side income and you could regularly find me in a meeting trying to place bets on my phone 'under the table'

What I would have given then to have somebody show me how to find profitable value bets and actually email me winning selections everyday while I learned what's what.

We want to teach you how to make a solid second income from betting and at the same time send you daily tips that have been proven to win.

That’s a bold claim I know!

If you are switched on then around now you should be asking yourself the big question...

 “Is this another of those too good to be true, sales letters selling an impossible promise in the hope that I won't request a refund?”

We’ve all seen the totally over the top claims that generally go along with a faked Betfair screenshot or bank statement and a picture of a fancy car and a tropical paradise.

Anybody with a bit of nouse knows that these are phoney, but sometimes we still get sucked in.

This hyped up crap is one end of the spectrum and we need to have our wits about us to avoid that.

But at the other end you know that there are people making big money from their betting and deep down you know that you can do it to.

And that’s where our version of the apprenticeship comes into play.

We’re not making millions, but every one of our team makes part of their income from betting and they can help you do the same.

We’ve got a team of experts that share winning strategies, systems and tips with Betting Insiders members.

But, before I introduce you to the team I want to first tell you about the ways that we can help you to make more money from betting.

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"Introducing the Betting Insiders Club™?"

You’ve probably used a tipster service before where you get a bit of blurb each day along with a selection or two.

We’ve got that but we believe in the portfolio approach where we spread the risk by using multiple sources for our selections.

Every day  our members receive our portfolio email with our club selections.

Every mail includes a full breakdown of why the selection has been made, the source of the selection and details of where to bet it for maximum returns.

We also have selections from new methods, which are showing promise but haven’t graduated to the Portfolio yet, these are available to members daily also.

You’ve probably bought betting systems before.

We’ve got those too. But we believe that systems should not be a static thing created once and then used forever.

Things change, value disappears, so we update, refine and add to our systems every month, members get these systems in the members report and in the forum.

Maybe you’ve used race profiling services that look at what type of horse might win a big race.

We do that too, they’re included in the members report every month.

So instead of joining a tipster for £19 – £99 per month or buying a system for another £49 or even joining a race profiling service we provide all that for one low fee.

We provide a comprehensive package so you don’t have to spend anything else to succeed.

Which means more cash in your betting bank.

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Member Feedback

"…PS I must thank you for what has so far proved to be a most helpful and informative service.

I’m already making profits, and for somebody who has a grand total of 3 months experience that can’t be bad."

N.H.  Dorchester, UK

So who’s on the team?

Steve Carter Steve is our Editor and a full time punter for the last 8 years, Steve knows what it is like to rely on your betting to pay the bills and now he shares that experience and expertise with club members every day.

Mark ‘Statman’ Foley - Author of The Big Cheltenham Stats Book and co-author of  Profitable Trainer Trends and The Ultimate All Weather Report. Mark is a methodical researcher of key trends and statistics from the UK horse racing scene. A successful Punter and man in the know!

Jon Gibby - Author of the Raceform – Well Handicapped Three-Year-Olds series of books and an expert on identifying well handicapped horses. Jon shares his selection methods as well as details of the horses that he uncovers including those that were too late to make it into his book.

Nick Hardman - The expert ebhind our Big Race Analysis tips which you will find in the members forum. Nick makes huge profits from betting on Saturday and at the big festivals.

Mark ‘Arbitrage’ Jenkins - Mark has been targeting £1,000 per week from his arbitrage activities for 11 years. Every month he shares tips and strategies to help readers profit from bookie offers and mistakes.

Ben Aitken – Ben is the number 1 expert in the UK on using the Dosage Index for finding big priced winners in National Hunt racing, he shares that expertise with members and assesses the big races for us.

Carl ‘Value Backing’ Nicholson - The brains behind the Value Backing tipping service, Carl is renowned for finding big priced winners and shares his horses to watch list with members.

Sean Calvert - The king of the Tennis Betting scene, Sean shares profitable strategies from his armoury during the tennis season.

Just imagine the advantage you will have with expertise like this on your side.

Expertise Like This Does Not Come Cheap

From the very beginning a key ethos of the Betting Insiders club is that if we pool together a group of people that are serious about making money from betting we can use the combined buying power to get access to the very best brains. Brains that know how to make money from betting.

You will Win too!

As somebody great once said “Your level of success will tend towards the sum of the people you associate with” imagine if you could associate with experts who are making money from their betting.

That’s why we set up the members community, where you can mix with fellow members and with our expert contributors.  It’s only a matter of time before you achieve similar success!

The Betting Insiders Club has been teaching members how to make money from betting for over 10 years.

Join us today and you will receive…

Daily Portfolio Email. Detailing the day’s selections from our approved portfolio of betting systems. This is the mail that will get you making value bets right off the bat.

The current Insiders Club report, 50 pages jam packed with…

Expert Opinion. What are the trends to follow, angles and methods that are proven for this particular month.

Winning Systems. New systems to add to your portfolio

Betting Exchange Analysis. Where we uncover trends that you can exploit with software and automated tools.

Detailed Analysis. Our experts research trends and system ideas and share their findings with members. We are a small club and you will be one of the few that has this profitable information.

Money Management & Mindset Tips. The real secret to success is in the way you manage yourself and your money, learn how straight from the mouths of those that can do it themselves.

Members Community. Access to the members community where you can exchange ideas with your fellow members and chat with club contributors.

Access to the Insiders Club Members area. Packed full of systems, strategies and methods from previous issues.

So how much does all this cost, the access to the thoughts of high paid professionals, the printed monthly report delivered to your door, a profit packed members area full of winning systems and strategies.

This would cost hundreds of pounds to assemble yourself, maybe thousands but through the power of pooling the resources of like minded individuals you can get access to all of this for less than 66 pence per day!

If you take our Annual Option we'll pass on our admin savings by way of our best value price and we'll also send you all of this years back issue reports so you can catch up on all the systems and strategies we have shared so far this year.

If a year is too long to commit, don't worry because we have monthly and quarterly options also.

Together we can win

Darren, Steve and the Team


You can't go wrong with this incredible Guarantee!

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